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Whether it is an LP, CD, sales collateral, promotional poster, T-shirt, stationery, direct mail, or pop up, if it can be conceived it can be created to carry the right message at the correct time and open doors to new opportunities.


Grammy Award® winning artist, EJ is one of the best clients we have ever been honored to work. He is a perfectionist and so am I, therefore we worked well together to produce a powerful visual and musical statement. I have seen him perform since I was teen in the band Mariani and the Electromagnets and later when he teamed up with G3. We grew up in the Austin and went to different schools together and ran in parallel circles but, never met. However, Park Street, a great photographer and friend of Eric’s since his Electromagnets days introduced us. Park is a superb photographer and author of all the images in this album. We were an effective team for a beautiful sixth album CD and vinyl. Eric’s music is over the moon. Inspired by the "Birth of Cool" exhibit at the Blanton Museum in Austin... Well I will be humble, and the photographs presented exactly what EJ wanted... His personality, professionalism, and kind spirit. In other words, this is Eric Johnson Up Close!



Corporate identity guides are not generally very sexy these days. They are a tool that takes all the questions out of the promotional equation and provides a designer, art director, or production artist answers to what needs to be and where it needs to be. Once the guide is established and adhered to, the creative individual has liberty to do as they wish to promote the companies message over a broad range of communication vehicles.



Iron Rhino was a spin out from Dana Corporation. The company’s product was about asset management for fleet operations, think U.S. Army, Penske, or any company with large asset management. The company would migrate legacy data, provide a system in which to keep track of personnel, vehicle management and maintenance, etc. Unfortunately, like many startups, they were bigger than their point in time and Dana pulled the plug. That happens to many startup companies. Bright minds, big thinking, wrong timing. We we were directed to designed the collateral materials to sell to middle management “blue color” decision makers.


KUT 90.5 FM

Working with and supporting public radio has been one of the best client relationships ever. They had needs, we needed promotion so, we traded. It was always a thrill to walk into a new client meeting and they would thank me for supporting public radio. We did some very cool work together and blazed a few trails that other stations followed.