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Craft, passion and spirit (hand, heart, wing). Each symbol defines an aspect of the soul of KTD. Kelley Toombs Design offers a broad range of branding and identity capabilities. The firm provides creative and effective visual communication solutions to , questions, and objectives.

The company is skilled in design for any organizations’ communication challenges. KTD has developed identity design, branding, and corporate communications tools for a broad range of companies and industries, from Fortune 50 and 500 firms to fledgling start-ups and nonprofit organizations.

KTD is marked by the cachet of awards. We have won a bucket of regional and national design awards. And we have been published in several PRINT Magazines Regional Design Annuals and regularly published by LogoLounge.



An organizations mission statement translated through the primary graphic elements such as circles, squares, and triangles provide visual communication that harkens through millennia.

Simple, yet complex visual messaging, broken down to basic form which speaks to a holistic audience and being fitting, distinctive, impressive, and germane establishes the symbol as the fulcrum of all corporate communications materials, media, and systems. 



The orchestration of layout, typography, illustration, photography, color, paper, binding, and printing methods for annual reports, brochures, guides, marketing collateral, invitations, posters, stationery systems, corporate communications, and promotions are crucial for effective sales materials.



Where do we go from here, do i go this way or that way? Ofcourse some people go both ways. Occasionally they may go directly to the castle or often the get lost in the laberynth. Regardless of the direction finding the destination is important to promote products. Understanding human tendencies of navigation and providing them eye appealing images and symbols aid in this process.

Everyone sees from a different lens so, when designing environmental graphics it is important to keep in mind the audience no matter the scale. Deisgn in this area requires consideration of visibility, space, timing, and messaging.



One-of-a-kind and handcrafted with passion with calligraphic influence, fun, experimentation, and typographic discipline exploiting textures and flaws of paper surfaces or smooth and sleek.

Either drawn by hand with a pen, pencil, stick, or other tool that provides unique characteristics or drawn through the discipline of illustrator, regardless the approach each stroke is drawn with thoughtful intent to speak distinctive and effective visual communication of the message to the receiver.