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Every client needs signage of some sort whether it be wayfinding, trade show, interior or exterior signage, vehicle, and any other visable device or environment. Each circumstance presents chasllenges–spacial, representational, specific area, will there be street traffic or pedestrian. Understanding what will motivate consumers to navigate to a destination takes carefull considerationand planning relating to the above instances. The process goes further than that, not unlike user interface and user experience the thinking is the same. Where do i want to take the user first, then second, then third, and so on to the next destination.



Hyde Park Bar and Grill has a 20’ metal fork sculpture in front of the restaurant. It raised a stink in the Hyde Park neighborhood until it became an icon. We were doing all the promotional materials and advertising at the time and we decided to place sculptures on the tines of the fork. The strawberry was the first, followed by an artichoke, and then broccoli. We held a design competition at Lee elementary which is a neighborhood icon and the winning deigns were later developed. One of them was the hand holding the fork. A great community event was held for the unveiling and the winning student received a $500 prize. Always look for the fork in the road on Duval Street.



Balcones Recycling was developing a processing plant in Dallas and ask us to design the interior. The restriction was that we had to use the color palette for security painting. That was limiting challenge. However, the manufacturer of the compressing equipment began getting orders afterward for brightly painted compressors. We had a gala opening and great community and client response to the new facility. A very unusual request from a company that sorts, and binds refuse.



The intersection at 5th Street and Lamar was under construction for what seemed to be eternity. The management company of 512 Lamar was getting heat from its tenants and clientele about the difficult access due to the construction. Visibility was awful day or night. There were existing spot lights in the ground so, we took advantage of them and developed signage that would be translucent and open at the top for day time and night time exposure. The result of the ease of sight provided happy tenants, happy customers, and a happy client.



Trade show booths are always a challenge. The client rents a space. They either own an out-of-the-box booth that needs new skin. Or the client needs a fully customized booth based upon their budget or they have a booth that they have had custom made but it needs new signage that fits both the booth and the message. Either way taking the message in which the client is attempting to convey is always a challenge because trade show environments are audibly and visually noisy. Therefore, attention to detail of key messaging is important and navigating the customer through the space is important. Designing to hold their attention is crucial to effective booth design.